Hand Embroidery Stiches Every Beginner Must Know

Are you planning to start learning about embroidery? If you answer yes then you’ve probably watched embroidery videos on YouTube or bought yourself your very own embroidery book. We know that learning this craft can be overwhelming to say the least especially if you are the person who has never sewn in your life. But that’s okay; don’t be discouraged because with practice, sooner or later you’ll be great at it. In fact, you’ll see that embroidery is not that hard as you think. We’ll make learning easier for you by sharing these two basic embroidery stitches that every beginner has to know. It’s laborious, sure, but once you learn the basics, it will be as easy as pie. So let’s start.

The Running Stitch

Most of the time the running stitch is used to outline a design. You see, most designs require an outline so it is important that you learn how to do this stitch. There are a couple of ways to do the running stitch. First, you can push the needle in and over the fabric continuously without pulling it up or you can push it through the fabric and pull it up and repeat the entire process in whatever pattern you prefer. Easy, right?

The Backstitch

This is entirely different from the running stitch. In this stich, you need to make a line. This stitching pattern is used for creating text or when you are going to outline a design. You should start by yanking the needle up and then flossing it up through the fabric. Do it with a stitch forward. Under the fabric, make sure there is enough space on the length of your stitch and then yank it up through the fabric. Repeat it by flossing it back to the end of your first stitch.

As a newbie in this craft, we suggest you practice and master these two basic stitches before you move on to more complicated patterns. Take a look at bunnycup.com for more information.